Join us for worship!
Sunday, 10:30am - Noon
2293 Fulton Rd.
Santa Rosa, CA

Our purpose is to worship Christ with our lives!
To worship something is to value it above all else, arrange one's life around it, and seek to spread the joy of it. That is how we purpose to live in regard to Christ. His supremacy and exaltation is our passion. Nothing is greater than Christ therefore we joyfully pursue...
  1. Knowing Him
  2. obeying Him and
  3. spreading the truth about Him.

This succinct purpose statement is intended to include glorifying God, passion for Christ, living a life of obedience to His Word, and spreading His gospel. It is meant to unify, direct and challenge us.

Psalm 2, Is 48:9-11, Rom 11:33-12:2, 1 Cor 10:31, Eph 1:2-6, Phil 2:10-11, 3, 4:4, Cor 3:17, 1 Peter 2:9, 4:11

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